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Workplace Trends: The Front Desks of 2020

18 March, 2020

 It’s always interesting to step into an office reception. We all know how much the first impression counts and the front desk is sort of the face of the organization. It sets the tone for your feelings towards a company and their brand. This is of course something a lot of creative organizations have thought about and spared no expense or energy on creating innovative reception areas.

Since we apparently have become obsessed with office design trends for 2020, we just had to look towards receptions and front desks. Firstly, because they’re a part of the office but also because receptions are areas in offices where companies put in a lot of effort – which makes it so much more interesting! 

Branded reception areas

Branded interior in reception areas has exploded recently and it looks like it’s going to grow even more during 2020. Just to make sure there are no misunderstandings here, we’re not talking about enlarging your logo and putting it on the wall or on the front desk. Branded interior is so much bigger than that. It means incorporating your brand into the entire interior of the reception area (and sometimes the entire office). Stepping into 2020 some companies are taking it even further. Company colors are being integrated in walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. The purpose of doing this is to give visitors as well as coworkers a feeling of uniformity the second they step into the reception. 

Combining lighting and design

Designer lamps are nothing new, we know. But one of the biggest trends for reception areas in 2020 is creating impressive synergies between lighting and design. First of all, creating art out of necessities is amazing, let’s just have that said. And lighting is nothing less than crucial in an office environment. According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, great lighting can produce both “potent biological and therapeutic effects”. In reception areas, we are going to see more spectacular lighting installations in different forms. Seems as if big and bold will be the leading words for these designs. 

No front desk?

Having no front desk might be the most surprising trend for 2020 but it’s actually becoming more and more established. As technology progresses it has become possible to welcome guests without actually having a receptionist. Different check-in systems are enabling guests to sign in themselves and an automated message then reaches the person you’re visiting, who eventually comes to greet you. Even though it’s always interesting to see how technology can evolve the way we work and design our offices this might not always be recommended. We’d say that this type of welcoming only fits certain types of organizations. If you run a larger business that receives drop-ins or has a lot of visitors a physical front desk with an actual person behind it might be to prefer.   


Besides the bigger trends which make up the entire reception area, there are also smaller trends setting the tone for 2020’s front desks. 


Asymmetric front desks are making it big in 2020. Bulky front desks have been around for decades but now we’re changing it up a little bit and switching forms. Asymmetric front desks are not only impressive but give the visitor something cool to rest their eyes on as they wait.  


Wood, wood, wood as far as the eye can see. Wood isn’t just popular in reception areas but in the entire office design. Some are even taking it as far as bringing in a huge log and using it as the front desk. 


We’ve talked about this before but biophilia really is the new black. Incorporating natural elements into the reception area is rapidly becoming more popular. And why not? According to studies it has a soothing effect on people.

This article concludes our somewhat gutsy predictions of the near future. Only time will tell if we’re spot on or delusional. If you’re interested in reading up on our other predictions, you’ll find them here:

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