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restrict desk bookings

How to restrict desk bookings

This guide will explain how you can configure so that certain groups of people only can book certain desks.

Desks and workspaces have been created. Ff these steps are not done yet, see our desk setup guide.

- Tenant (group of users used to control access)
- Workspace (group of desks)

Step by step

  1. Go to “Users&Tenants” in Meetio Admin.
  2. By default, there is one tenant named “standard”. Tenants will be used to group your users and assign access to the different workspaces (group of desks).
  3. You can begin by creating new tenant(s) by clicking “New tenant” in the top right corner. Give it a name and click save.
  4. Once your tenants are created, you will see them in the column to the left:

  5. Click the little pen icon next to one of the tenants to edit the settings

  6. Here you can configure a number of settings.

Under “Domains”, you can set an email domain so that anyone with a specific email domain will automatically be placed within this tenant when they login for the first time. Do you not see any domains listed? Contact Meetio Support at and we will help you set it up.

Under “Access Control”, you can configure what this group of users will have access to. You can set it to a specific site/building/floor/workspace. This will control which desks the users can book

Checking the box “Main tenant” will make it so that by default when a user is created, they will be assigned to that tenant.

7. If you already have users that were created from before or want to manually assign a user to a tenant, you do that simply by clicking edit next to the user and selecting the appropriate tenant under “tenants”.