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Setup guide for Meetio Desk

How to get up and running with Meetio's hot desking solution.

First off  it is highly suggested that you take a close inventory of the desks in your office/floor or building. Having a firm understanding of how many desks there are, where they are located and any particular characteristics of the desks or areas will be helpful as you set up Meetio Desk. Once you got your inventory and know what "reality" looks like, it's time to set up your system and "mirror" that reality into virtual desks.



Setup your buildings

Log in to Meetio Admin or create a new account for your company by clicking “Register” 

On your first login, you will be taken to the dashboard and be prompted with an initial setup guide. It is highly recommended that you go through the steps, but you can always close the page and come back to it later. 


On the first step, you will be asked if you have one building, more than one building but no sites, or multiple sites with multiple buildings. You don’t need to map out your whole organization right now, as you can add buildings and sites at a later point. 

In the next step, you will create and name your sites/buildings. If you have sites, you will also have to pick a parent site for each building. As an optional step, you can also point out your buildings on Google Maps .

The next step will ask you to create floors in your buildings. 

The next steps, “Calendar System” and “Service Account”are mainly aimed at meeting rooms.  If you are using Meetio Room/Meetio View, it’s a necessary step. If you are only using Meetio Desk, it is not necessary, but our mobile app will also display meeting room availability, so for a better user experience it is recommended to setup a service account and meeting rooms as the mobile app will pull capacity and resource data from Meetio Admin (you can read more about setting up a service account for Exchange/G-Suite/Office 365 in our other setup guides).   

If you do not want to fill in the technical details right now, you can skip and the setup guide will end. 

Refresh the page, and you will now see a new tab called “Buildings” under “Spaces”.   

To start setup your desk, now click on "Desks"  (

Desk section in Meetio Admin

Create workspaces

Workspace what?! Workspaces are representations of groups of desks, used for sorting and searching for suitable desks.  

In the Meetio app on your phone you will see the workspaces listed and be able to book a desk in a specific workspace:

Desk workspaces in the Meetio app

The workspaces also make up the icons on your floorplan map (if you're implementing Meetio View with the map add-on in your Meetio setup):

Workspaces displayed in Meetio View









A workspace could be just 4 desks put together, contain all desks in a room or even a part of a floor. Typically, all desks in a workspace would hold the same characteristics and be located in close proximity to each other.

Start by pressing "New Group" -> “Workspaces” and go ahead and create some workspaces that you feel represents your office: 


Set up virtual desks

This is when things start to happen! Once the virtual desks are created and licensed, a digital calendar will be created for each and the desks can be booked by users on their phones.

You can either fill your workspaces with an individual desk at the time or add multiple desks to a workspace based on the same nomenclature (i.e. Silent Desk 1, Silent Desk 2, Silent Desk X and so forth):

Add desks in Meetio Admin

Once you have created the desks, you will need to allocate a license to each. This can be accessed through the edit icon of each desk:

Allocate desk license

You can alter the rulesets or settings for each individual desk by pressing the edit icon as well or manage settings and ruleset for the whole workspace by pressing "Manage workspace" and then "Edit settings":

Edit settings

The rules set per desk will affect all user’s ability to book a desk  be it through the Meetio app on your phone or on a desk puck unit.

Add buildings

Add workspaces to your office map

Note: Requires Meetio View with map add-on

If you don't have a map for Meetio View created already, but ordered a map to be created of your office  start by contacting your Meetio representative and provide the materials requested: to have the map created by Meetio.

Once you have a map of your floor you will find it in the left hand panel under MEDIA Maps:

Maps section in Meetio Admin

Open the map by clicking on the image. 

Choose "Add workspace". Drag and drop the new workspace label where you want it to go. Under "Workspace connection", choose which workspace that corresponds with the new workspace label. Confirm and save:

Add workspace to floorplan maps

If you haven't done so already, don't forget to assign the map to your Meetio View device. There you can also control the workspace label font size.

Distribute the phone app to employees

Booking a desk can be done from the phone of your co-workers or on the desk itself (if you're adding the Meetio Desk puck to your office setup). 

If you haven't distributed the Meetio Personal phone app to your co-workers already, you can find the full guide here.

The desks you have set up will be readily available to your colleauges without any additional action needed.

Install desk pucks

To install the desk puck, begin by opening and unpacking the box. Connect the USB cable into the "DC 5V IN" port and secure the cable with a silver screw, also provided in the box.

The next step is to install the bracket mount. This can be done in two different ways, either by screwing the bracket onto the surface (screws not included for this), or by using the provided adhesive sticker.

Bracket mount installation

  1. Attach the puck onto the mount with 2 screws on the side (black screws). These screws can then be hidden with the provided rubber caps.
  2. You can now connect the other end of the USB cable into the power adapter, and then into an electrical socket.

Add desk pucks to Meetio Admin

Now it’s time to add your desk pucks to Meetio Admin. Begin by navigating to

  1. Here you have the option to create device groups (by selecting "New device group"), which allows you to change settings on all devices within a group:

    New device group
  2. When the device groups are ready, click on "New devices" to add the pucks:

    New devices

  3. Select "Meetio Desk" and then choose which device group you want to assign the devices to, as well as typing the serial number of the device (you can add multiple serial numbers by typing one per line):
    Device group

Assign pucks to desks

Now the devices have been created in Meetio Admin. The next and final step is to assign a puck to a desk. Simplyclick on "Edit" (the green pen) to the right of the device, select the desk in the dropdown list and then press save – way to go!

Device properties

And that's it you're done! Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need any help.