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Setup guide for the Meetio app

Getting started with Meetio's iOS and Android scheduling app in your organization.

Meetio's phone app is included when you buy Meetio Room or Meetio Desk.


Phone compatibility:

  • iOS version: 10+
  • Android version: 6.0+

Server compatibility:

  • Office 365
  • Exchange on premise - 2010 or later
  • Google Workspace (G Suite)

MDM compatibility (optional):

  • Intune

Account registration in Meetio Admin

Go to --> Register an account (unless your company already has one) --> Log in to Meetio Admin.

Establish a connection between Meetio Admin and your Email server

In the left panel, choose Connection --> Press New connection --> Follow the guide.

Connect the meeting rooms (and other resource calendars)

First, make sure you have created room lists in Outlook. Otherwise you wont be able to connect your meeting rooms in the app. Check out our guide on how to do it here: 
If you already have done this you can continue to the step below!

  • In the left panel, choose Rooms
  • For all rooms you want your organization to book through the app: 
    • Press New Room
    • Follow the guide

You can alter your room settings, including number of seats and equipment in a room any time.

  • Optional - location data:
    • To provide users with a filtering of rooms based on proximity, the app utilizes built in GPS in user phones.
    • To enable the feature, the Administrator must register GPS coordinates for the room resources and the users must allow the app to access GPS data from their phone.

Add users

There are two methods to provide access to users of the app. Either you can provide access to all email users or you can provide individual access by adding email addresses of your accredited users.

Providing access to everyone

  • Send an email to – including:
    • Name of Organization (as named in Meetio Admin)
    • Contact person

Please note that your licenses will be claimed on a first come, first serve basis once users start to log in to the app.

Providing access individually:

In the left panel, choose Meetio App Users --> Press New App User --> Follow the guide.

Optional: Add map in app

If you have purchased the map-addon, you can now display the map and see where the desks are located in your mobile app 

If the map is already available in Meetio Admin, then the setup is very simple.  Go to “Buildings” (, click on the floor that you want to connect a map to, then select a map in the “Map” dropdown list and click save.  Done! 

Consent to use of the app towards your email server:

The administrator of your Exchange/Office 365 server will need to “consent on behalf of the organization” to the connection between the app and the email server.

To generate consent for the iOS application:

To generate consent for the Android application:

Distribute the app in your organization

Let everyone in your organization know that there’s a brand new, convenient way to schedule meeting rooms and meetings from their phone.

We suggest one of the two below methods:

  • Newsletter/email info to your organization
  • Intune MDM for installation throughout connected devices.