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Meeting room management solution

Smart meeting room management

Struggling with your meeting and room bookings? Looking for an easy solution to your problems? Look no further.

Manage your meeting rooms on your terms

Double bookings, no-shows, and outdated booking routines are just a few of many hassles related to meeting scheduling. Finding a room is usually more complicated than it should be. Fortunately, transforming your room booking routines is easy when you use the right tools. A meeting room management system like Meetio transforms clunky outdated routines to modern and efficient in no time.

Challenge: See room availability

Whether you're scheduling a future meeting or if an unplanned meeting comes up, a meeting room is needed. For spontaneous meetings it's crucial that you can quickly see what rooms are available. But how can you know by just looking for an open room?

A room management system uses digital displays placed outside the meeting room to clearly indicate its status. One glance and you know a room's current status and upcoming schedule. The traffic light colors make it impossible to misunderstand!

Booking a meeting room
Occupied meeting room

Challenge: Double bookings

Have you ever walked up to a meeting room you thought you had booked, just to find it occupied by another meeting? Double bookings is one of the most common reasons for conflict and it happens over and over again.

Room displays visualizing ongoing and upcoming meetings, reduce the risk of double bookings and meeting room theft - "I didn't know it was booked" won't work anymore.

Challenge: Abandoned rooms

If double bookings make you mad, then what about meeting rooms that are supposedly occupied but aren't? Ghosted meetings are a real problem and a waste of valuable room space.

Using a meeting room booking system with a "check-in" function forces the booker to physically claim the room when they arrive at the meeting. If the room isn't checked in after a given (customizable) amount of time, the booking is dropped and the room is up for grabs again!

Empty meeting room

Smoother working days

If you work in IT or Facility Management and fear that yet another system will just add to your load, you can take that load right off. Meetio's room management solution, Meetio Room, takes just minutes to install, is managed in a flash, requires minimal onboarding and delivers valuable insights about your workplace. Learn more below!

Meetio Admin

Central management

A meeting room management system should reduce your workload, not add to it. Control and customize device settings, software updates and more from one central portal.

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Meetio Room interaction

Minimal onboarding

Tech-savvy or not, the user friendly and intuitive interface makes Meetio Room easy for everyone to use.

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Workplace Analytics

Meeting room analytics

Get insights into how your meeting rooms are actually used. Data-driven decisions are smarter than guesswork!

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Meetio Room display

Easy installation

No complicated installations or maintenance. Meetio Room seamlessly connects to your existing calendar. No extra software or servers needed!

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Benefits of a meeting room management system

Click on the boxes to see how a room management system simplifies your workdays!


Book on your terms – on your phone, computer, or directly on the tablet.


Get real-time updates on which rooms are free.


No need to run to the reception to change your booking or location.


Say goodbye to conflicts over disrupted meetings and stolen meeting rooms. 

Stress-free management

Need to cancel a booking and reschedule last minute? No worries, the system automatically checks whether the meeting room is still available for the new time, moves the booking if so, and moves all booked services along with it. Easy for you, easy for the meeting attendees.

Always up to date

Never wonder if a room is occupied. The system connects to your calendar and when someone books a room the tablet automatically changes status. 

Scheduling on your terms

Whether you want to book on your phone, your computer, or directly on the tablet – Meetio's meeting room booking solution has got you covered. Get instant access to your workplace resources from wherever you are, and however you prefer to make your bookings.

Reduce workplace conflicts

Stolen meeting rooms and co-workers hovering outside wondering when your meeting is over can be a source of friction. With a meeting room management system, you can counteract the most common meeting room conflicts.

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