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5 Critical Pieces of Equipment to Include in Every Corporate Meeting Room

8 May, 2020

The average American spends about 4.5 hours in general status meetings each week. This time can stretch longer when you don't have the right equipment. Set up your meeting rooms with the right equipment to ensure the least amount of time gets wasted. 

Read our guide to learn about everything your room needs, from tablets with a meeting room app to a speakerphone. 


A whiteboard with dry-erase markers is an old school piece of equipment, but still vital today. This addition to your meeting room gives people a way to make notes and collaborate on ideas. Choose a board that is large enough to provide plenty of space for writing notes or drawing diagrams. 

Polycom Speakerphone 

A Polycom speaker system gives people a way to communicate as a group with those who can't be physically present for the meeting. This could be with fellow employees or outside parties. 

You want to use a Polycom speakerphone because it's specifically designed for a conference room. It has a robust speaker and a 360-degree echo-canceling microphone. This allows people on both ends of the phone to feel like they are right in the room with them. 

Video Conferencing 

In addition to a speakerphone, you need a way to video conference. This allows people to connect better and communicate more effectively. Look for a video conferencing solution that seamlessly integrates into the rest of your meeting room systems. You should also look for one with a very high-quality camera. 

Peripherals for Displays 

There are a couple of ways you can provide equipment for presentations in your conference rooms. You could have a computer in the room that people use. Or you could have a Wi-Fi network for people to connect through and then use a dedicated platform like Apple AirPlay. 

If instead you plan to have a way for people to hardwire their own equipment, then you need to have multiple cables and connection methods. 

Meeting Room Management System with a Meeting Room App

Once the room is set up, you need to have a way of managing the meeting room reservations. The traditional way of doing this was with a sheet of paper on the outside of the room. A modern option is to place a meeting room tablet on the outside of the room. This lets you manage your meeting room through the room tablet, your integrated email platform, or a meeting room app on your phone.

Set up Your Meeting Room

When you have the right equipment in your conference rooms, your entire organization can be more productive and consequently experience fewer delays. Make sure that your rooms have meeting room tablets in place. Then make sure your rooms have the necessary equipment to communicate effectively. 

Contact our team today and get a demo unit, to experience the future of meeting room management. 

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