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7 Foolproof Ways to Increase Efficiency at Work

14 July, 2017

We all struggle with productivity during our working hours. Let's be real – only a few of us have the power to be completely focused eight hours in a row. But with that said, there are a lot of tricks to increase your productivity span – we have collected seven great tips that you won't be able to argue against. 

1. Monday morning team meeting

Nothing starts off your week better than a catch up with your team members. Make an agenda for the upcoming week, discuss challenges and don't forget to take some time for a bit of small talk as well. Keep up the team spirit!

2. Break down big task into smaller pieces

Nothing beats the feeling of checking off a completed task on your to-do list. However, a list that just contains bigger tasks might feel overwhelming. Make sure to break down your assignments into smaller pieces. By doing so you will show off your progress better and it will also make you feel more productive. 

3. Set realistic goals that you’ll be able to accomplish

While it’s great to be ambitious with your goals, if your goals or tasks are too unrealistic then it might deter you from being productive. With that said, it is important to be honest with yourself. Keep these questions in mind when you set goals: realistically how much time do you have and how much time does the task require?

4. Make sure your work space is organized

Your workspace should be clutter-free. Keep your workspace organized and clean, a messy desk can make you feel stressed and unfocused. 

We practice flexible seating at Meetio, which also means that we have a clean desk-policy. If you're interested read more about how it works here!

5. Drink water and keep up your blood sugar levels

Nothing makes us feel more sluggish than being hungry. Your brain needs fuel to work properly so make sure you eat good food. Snack on a fruit in-between meals when you feel your blodsugar is lowered. Your body also needs water. Always have a bottle of water on your desk so you remember to drink throughout the day.

6. Take a walk and alternate desk position

No one feels good sitting down all day. A quick walk during lunch or during the afternoon break can lift upp both your mood and how your body feels. There's a reason to why doctors recommend 10k steps per day! 

If your desk is adjustable, make sure you alternate your position between standing and sitting. You will feel a huge difference in your neck, back and shoulders.

7. Enjoy what you do

If you don't like your work, it's pretty hard to be productive. It's never to late to change path and if you feel like crying each morning maybe it's time to consider something new. This is however not a quick and easy thing to do, so if you need a change ASAP – talk to your closest manager and try figure something out. 

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