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7 Foolproof Ways to Increase Efficiency at Work

14 July, 2017

Did you skip breakfast today because you were running late to work? Do you feel tired and sluggish from the heavy, overpriced lunch you consumed because you forgot to pack lunch? Do you leave the office feeling unnaturally stressed about upcoming deadlines or projects? If you answered yes to any of these questions, implement these 7 foolproof tips to increase efficiency at work!

1. Plan out your week on Sundays

On Sunday evenings, I like to plan out my upcoming week on a physical and electronic calendar. This simple act keeps you in check for the week ahead.

2. Make to-do lists for everything

Nothing beats the feeling of checking off a completed task on your to-do list. Make to-do lists for work by breaking down big tasks into smaller tasks. I like to write down my immediate to-do list on a sticky note and post it where I see it often. You can also use an electronic sticky note version that appears on your desktop.

3. Set realistic goals that you’ll be able to accomplish

While it’s great to be ambitious with your goals, if your goals or tasks are too unrealistic then it might deter you from being productive. With that said, it is important to be honest with yourself. Keep these questions in mind when you set goals: realistically how much time do you have and how much time does the task require?

4. Make sure your work space is organized

Your workspace should be clutter-free. Keep your workspace organized and clean. Make your workspace is a place that you want to stay by adding personal touches such as plants or pictures. Utilize office organization supplies.

5. Exercise and eat smaller portions throughout the day

In order to be increase efficiency, it is essential to fuel your body with healthy and nutrient-filled foods. Avoid eating the calorie-dense donut for breakfast or the sleep-inducing turkey sandwich, which are both bound to make you feel lethargic. Instead eat smaller portions throughout the day, to prevent the feeling of being too hungry or to full. Quick tip: go for a short 10 minute walk after lunch to get you rebooted to go back to work!

6. Get enough sleep

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that individuals older than 18, get around 7-9 hours of sleep a day. Make sure to catch some z’s so you are fully energized to do everything on your to-do list.

7. Enjoy what you do

This seems pretty obvious, but enjoying your what you do will make time fly. It’s never too late to change fields or even careers. If that’s not really an option at the moment, implement 1-6 and you’ll increase efficiency at work in no time!

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