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18 May, 2021

Did you know that four out of every ten employees in the U.S. “wastes” an hour trying to find an available meeting room or desk? The number becomes even more staggering when you take into consideration that most employees attend an average of eight meetings per week.

With employee productivity becoming an increasingly hot topic among many employers, finding a solution to this problem is a priority.

For decades now, corporate America has turned to technology to solve such problems. Meeting room scheduling and booking are no different. Integrating a room booking app is one of the best ways to address common scheduling issues, saving employees valuable hours that can be redirected towards the actual day-to-day operations of the business.

Here are a few real-world scenarios where using the app can help free up more time for your team to get actual work done.

Scenarios Where a Room Booking App May Enhance Business Operations:

  • Creative Agencies: Booking Spontaneous Meetings

Collaborative meetings are important for jumpstarting the creative process, so advertising and marketing agencies tend to have a lot of spontaneous meetings. This can make finding a free room difficult for some teams. This is where a comprehensive meeting room system can help agencies save a significant amount of time when searching for available space.

Meeting room manager tablets sitting outside rooms are fully integrated with compatible smartphone apps, together forming one cohesive meeting room reservation system. Because of this, meeting room information can be displayed in real-time. Allowing a corporate-wide view of all available meeting rooms, as well as any upcoming scheduled meetings.

These systems can also allow creative teams to take advantage of gaps in between meetings (think 15 to 20 minutes or so) and sneak in quick brainstorming sessions. When meetings end early, employees can easily free up a room for others to use with just one tap.

  • Large Corporate Events Management

Global corporations are always busy hosting large gatherings at their headquarters. This can take the form of customer training seminars, product launches, sales kickoffs, and the like. In these situations, visitors from all over the world would be converging into unfamiliar office environments.

As you can imagine, with these large events, it can be very difficult for both guests and employees to locate which business events are in which rooms.

Some meeting room display technologies, such as Meetio View, can be configured to display a large map of all rooms in the venue, as well as other important details, like toilets, stairs, vending machines, etc. The big display can be positioned near the main entrance so guests can immediately find the rooms they are looking for in one glance. Take a look at the video below to see how it works!


  • Co-working Spaces: Enforcing Physical Distancing

There were roughly 5,000 co-working spaces in the United States in 2019—and that’s not taking into account that more and more companies are adopting the co-working model in their own offices. This setup is expected to continue after the pandemic as the demand for flexible office setups, or so-called satellite offices increases hence to remote working. However, with the pandemic, comes the challenge of effectively managing physical distancing guidelines - which can be further exasperated by sharing office spaces.

The use of specialized solutions, like Meetio Desk, gives employees a way to view and book available shared desks in the office directly on their phones. By installing the optional digital pucks on the desks, it becomes easier to mark the desks that are currently booked and occupied. This also ensures no one else accidentally uses a desk before it has been sanitized and disinfected.

There are many different options when it comes to a meeting management solution for your business. Discover Meetio's full range of solutions below!

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