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Meetio Asks: What defines a really good co-working space?

4 February, 2021

What defines a really good co-working space? To answer that question we turned to Helene Tigerström, CEO of Mindpark, which 2019 was named the best co-working space in the Nordics. And if that wasn't enough, this year they are once again nominated but this time globally!

Mindpark consist of several co-working spaces located in the south of Sweden. Their tentants ranging from small start-ups to established and long-runnning organizations. Behind the success is a truly inspiring workplace with creative events and meetings. 

The pandemic has changed the game of how and where we do our work. How do you think it will impact co-working spaces?

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I really believe that co-working is the future workplace. We notice that both big and small companies are showing a greater interest in flexible contracts. Many don't want to commit to long and non-flexible arrengements. And as companies grow to understand the perks with remote work, they will also start to review how much space they need. It's common that you choose a co-working space for your employees to have an inspiring workplace, but also because of the many services available, helping you to focus on your business instead of things around.

I also believe that in a society where sustainability becomes more and more important, people are more eager to share both space and other resources with others.

Do you think that sustainability will be a even more greater aspect to why companies choose co-working spaces in the future, compared to now?

I think that sustainable companies with conscious employees will be the companies that will make it in the future. Regardless if it's economic sustainability, social sustainability or environmental sustainability. When more people understand the importance of those questions, they will also choose a workplace supporting those beliefs. For some it might be co-working, but for others it might be something else.

Mindpark has been awarded several times – what defines a really good co-working space?

We are very humbly happy over the awards that we have recieved. I've always been of the opinion that the place itself plays a certain role, but that it's the people on the site and the community and the interaction that takes place between them that characterizes a really good co-working space.

Thank you Helene for your interesting anwers, and good luck to you and Mindpark. What do you think about co-working? Do you want to try it or are you already a fan? Leave a comment of your thoughts!

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