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2 February, 2021
The modern office has evolved over the years. From one where cubicles replaced enclosed rooms and then it shifted even more to accommodate open floor plans. Now, it features a flexible workspace where there are essentially no permanent workstations.

According to a study, over half of employees value flexibility in the workplace. Around the world, employers have responded positively to this demand, as more and more companies transition to a flexible workplace. This new office concept emerged as laptops replaced desktop computers as the primary office tool.

Technology is also an essential component in making today’s modern office work. This includes conference room booking tools, which can greatly aid in the effective utilization of meeting rooms and workstations under a flexible setup.

Conference room booking tools that work with a modern office:

Meeting scheduling app

A meeting scheduling app can be installed on your mobile devices and your laptop, and come with the following functions:

  • Provide information on existing conference rooms, including their sizes and available equipment
  • Show booking schedules for any given room at any given time
  • Allow you to book a conference room at a time and date of your choosing
  • Create and send out an invitation to your meeting attendees


Meeting room manager tablet

As part of a meeting room management system, meeting room manager tablets may be installed just outside conference rooms, and do the following:

  • Display whether a room is occupied or vacant using a traffic light system
  • Show who is currently occupying a conference room and for how long
  • Indicate the duration a meeting room is available
  • Support the use of RFID or NFC for quick booking
  • Free up a room for other users if a meeting ends early
  • Extend a room booking if the meeting lasts longer than planned


Meeting room visualization screen

A meeting room management system may also include a visualization screen that shows floor plan maps indicating available and occupied meeting rooms. Anyone looking for a conference room can easily find the right one and book it on the spot using the screen, significantly streamlining the process.

Central management system

All apps and devices you include in your meeting room management system can be centrally managed through a cloud-based application. The software provides you with data showing how meeting rooms are being utilized, as well as insights into booking behaviors. This information can be used to make the necessary adjustments in space management to improve functionality and efficiency.

A central management system also makes meeting room management easier by giving admins the ability to apply global adjustments remotely, such as changing device settings, integrating calendars, and adding meeting rooms and hot desks to the app.

To keep your data safe and secure, the system also comes with top-level security. 

Level up your workplace

A modern office can be upscaled with the integration of cutting-edge conference room booking tools. Request a demo if you wish to learn more about these technologies.

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