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How a meeting room management system can maximize business resources

26 January, 2021

In any business – time, space, and manpower are valuable assets that should be maximized to get their true worth. Yet, research shows that they are often significantly underutilized.

Around 89% of people surveyed in a study said they waste from 30 minutes to four hours a day at work. Meanwhile, another study from CBRE shows that around 42% of commercial space is underused.

In recent years, new workplace trends have emerged to address the root of these inefficiencies. One is adopting hot-desking and hoteling. Another is applying automation to varying degrees.

These two solutions can be implemented along with a meeting room management system designed to help you get the best value out of your most precious assets.

The benefits of a meeting room management system

  • Optimizing space utilization

A meeting room management system can show how your meeting rooms are being utilized and reveal any booking trends within the workplace. You can then use this information to analyze if your office space is being used optimally or if improvements need to be made.

For example, you might see that certain rooms are hardly used while others are always preferred. You can do a study to see where changes are necessary to improve the desirability of underused rooms, or repurpose them for something else.

  • Cutting unproductive worker time

Scheduling and planning a meeting may seem simple enough, but a closer look will reveal that they can take up plenty of time, especially considering the number of meetings being conducted daily throughout an organization. For example, a report from Harvard Business Review indicates that executives spend around 23 hours a week in scheduled meetings alone.

A meeting room app can streamline the process of planning a meeting. It frees up the time you usually spend on notifying attendees about the meeting, looking for a suitable room, and booking the room.

The app allows you to create an invitation and send it to everyone with just a few clicks on your mobile phone. The people you invite can accept or reject the invitation by simply tapping on a button, so you get instantaneous replies.

You can also book a room directly using the app. The system will inform you what meeting rooms are available on any given day, the equipment each room has, their capacity, and the times each one is booked for the day.

  • Improving the quality of meetings

As much as possible, you wouldn’t want to spend any more time in meetings than you have to. This is why you want them to go smoothly, with as few distractions as possible. A meeting room management system can help you achieve this in several ways.

It provides you with information about the room ahead of time so you can make any necessary adjustments. If you install meeting room manager tablets, they can help avoid interruptions from people looking for a meeting room or entering the room by mistake.

If you need more time for your meeting, a meeting room app can also help you extend your booking using your phone or laptop.

  • Supporting hot desking and hoteling

Hot desking and hoteling are fast gaining popularity not only in startup environments, but even in established organizations. One of the biggest benefits of these relatively new workplace concepts is savings on time, space, and money. They're also believed to foster collaboration among co-workers.

Technology, such as a meeting room management system, plays a vital role in making these workspace arrangements effective. The app it includes allows workers to book desks on the go from their cellular phones or any other device. Add-ons like digital pucks clearly indicate if desks are available or not, so it reduces the time spent on looking for one, as well as the chances of “desk stealing”.

  •  Enhancing convenience

Happy employees are productive employees. Automation can eliminate the stress of having to go through hoops just to prepare for a meeting or find a desk. It also empowers employees and gives them a degree of autonomy.

To learn more about meeting room management systems and their benefits, contact our representatives or read more about it here.

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