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Features to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Conference Room Display

10 December, 2020

Conference room schedule display solutions are designed to be very useful for any organization. Meeting rooms are finite resources and if managed efficiently can boost the overall operational efficiency of the entire organization.

Sadly, many companies trip at this point. Choosing the right platform, finding a tablet that fits your budget, and maintaining your system can be difficult.

Here are tips on choosing the perfect conference room schedule display setup for your needs.

Conference Room Schedule Display Options

Conference room display units for meeting rooms can quickly become very costly. Especially with the multitude of cloud-based connected options available in today’s marketplace. So, it is very important to short list your organizations end-goals before contemplating such an important purchase.

These display units are easier to justify when they are combined into a fully integrated system for managing meeting rooms. For that you will need additional hardware and software pieces. These usually include a meeting room app and tablet(s).

Cost Factor

When you're scheduling your day down to the minute, making a return on your investment becomes very important. This is one of the biggest reasons companies are locking down their conference room facility schedules.

With a conference room screen installation, the costs come from two places: the hardware and the cloud system rental. You'll need a tablet, as pointed out earlier. Then you'll need a monthly service contract, so you have access to a professional cloud system.

For the most part, reservation software pricing depends on how many conference rooms you will be supporting. Meetio carries a range of options, suitable for most office types and conference systems.

Service fees, typically, includes software updates and any support that comes along with the service, while hardware costs are usually a one-time fee.

Meetio’s proprietary meeting room management system works perfectly with the 10-inch multi-touch tablets by IAdea. These tablets are certified to be commercial grade, so you can rest assured that they will last for a long time. Just the same, your one-time investment on the hardware includes a 36-month warranty and support.

The tablets feature LED bars along the sides, which make for better visualization. When you purchase the units, they come complete with built-in wall mounts and a power adaptor.

Conference Room Scheduling

The world has become increasingly digital in recent years, and we see that play out, especially in businesses. Conference room scheduling used to be complicated with folders, spreadsheets, and physical documents, trying to keep track of everything. It was a very primal system and while it worked for many years, it was ultimately inefficient.

Meetio has simplified this workflow with high-end conference room schedule display installations paired with other robust accessories and software.

If you’re looking for professional meeting room scheduling solution, Meetio has the perfect blend of hardware and software for your organization! Let us help you get a handle on your organization’s digital transformation today.

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