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Return to the office: Effective Cleaning Processes

9 December, 2020

If you're planning to return to your office in near time, workplace safety is probably one of your concerns. One part of keeping the office safe is effective cleaning processes.

Office cleanliness has of course always been a priority for serious businesses – you don’t want to do your job in an untidy setting. But even so, the cleaning schedule has never been a strategic question, mostly just an on-going, on-time-setup process. But since the Covid-19 outbreak, cleaning is not just a subject for the workplace operations-team, but an organization wide responsibility. To help you get started, we will go through three important steps:

1. Increase your professional cleaning frequency

Instead of doing a big, deep cleaning each week – make them more regular and frequent. How many times each week depends on how many employees come in each day and how much office space is used. If you have a lower density of employees coming in each week, the whole office won’t need to be used and therefore less cleaning will need to be done.

Divide your office into parts that are being used and parts that are not. The parts that are being used more often need repeated cleaning while the parts that stand empty need less.

2. Keep a clean desk

To keep desks clean from germs and bacteria, they need to be left without clutter after each working day. If you already practice flexible seating (meaning that employees don’t have a fixed seat) you’re already acquainted with the idea of a clean desk policy. A clean desk policy means that your employees remove all their personal stuff – such as computer keyboards and mouses, coffee cups and so on – before they leave the office. By doing that, cleaning staff can easily wipe all desks and make sure they are safe and clean for the next day.

3. Cleaning stations for your employees.

Even if you have professional cleaning in your office, these times calls for greater individual responsibility too. Make sure to have prepared cleaning stations that your employees can use on their desks before they leave the office.

If you have questions or feel uncertain about how to manage your workplace cleaning, we recommend you to check your country's Covid-19 guidelines. You could also ask your cleaning service and what they recommend. Best of luck!

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