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How to have Productive Meetings with Room Management Solutions

4 May, 2020

The American workplace runs on meetings, and not all of them are productive 63% of meetings are conducted without a pre-planned agenda, causing employees to become more disgruntled and feel as though they're wasting time.

However, there are ways that you can set agendas, convey expectations, and influence meeting etiquette among your staff. This will lead to higher productivity and employee satisfaction. All you need to do is have the right technology.

Read on to learn how to use Meetio’s technology to communicate expectations for meeting etiquette to employees and set agendas to stop time from being wasted.

Value Efficiency

The best way to get people to do something is to model the behavior that you want them to repeat. Since you don't want employees to waste time scheduling meetings, you want to model a no-nonsense way of scheduling these meetings and then inviting everyone. This means using a fully integrated meeting scheduling system that gets the word out about meetings quickly and can also provide a real-time view of meeting rooms available for booking. 

Add Detailed Agenda and Etiquette Guidelines

The Meetio Meeting Room scheduling system allows for a description or document to be added under the basic meeting information in its app. While this space is great for attaching itineraries and shared docs that everyone can edit together, it's also the perfect place to convey meeting etiquette when needed. Remember to put some bullet points detailing the Agenda and explaining the rules for the meeting.

Get Personal

A great way to reach out to individual people is by using the Meetio booking app. This smart app allows you to manage the booking of meeting rooms from your smartphone. The application also allows you to send invitations to specific employees who need to be part of the meeting.

When it comes to communicating etiquette to individual people, the Meetio app offers a great way to reach out. What behaviors were problematic in past meetings? What etiquette is the most important for you to see followed? Include those ideas. This is an exceptional way to convey this information because it doesn't single anyone out. Even if there's one person who has been a problem in the past, a blanket statement can go out to everyone through the meeting booking app before the meeting even starts. This will let potential problem employees save face while still understanding that they need to follow etiquette rules.

Demonstrate Meeting Etiquette

While communicating the Agenda and expectations to employees and coworkers isn't always easy, it can be made less stressful when you have the right technology at your fingertips.

You can buy this room scheduling system at an affordable price. Once you do this, you can get started with efficient booking, behavior modeling, and effective meeting communication.

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