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4 Ways a Meeting Room Management App Improves Meetings

30 April, 2020

The average executive spends about 23 hours a week in meetings. This is over half of a standard 40-hour workweek. When employees attend so many meetings, it can make scheduling a challenge. 

A meeting room management app can make the process of scheduling faster and easier. When you spend less time scheduling, you can spend more time being productive. 

Here are four ways a scheduling app can make hosting your meetings easier. 

  • Scheduling on the Go 

With a meeting room app on your phone, you can be anywhere and schedule your meetings. This is ideal for a company that has employees who work remotely or work in the field. 

By having an app on their phone, meetings can continue to be scheduled for upcoming mornings. This gives everyone more notice, which allows them to better manage their time and be more productive. 

  • Faster Scheduling 

Without an office meeting room booking system, you're left sending emails to the office manager to request a meeting room. You then must wait for that person to see your email, check the meeting room status, and reply with an answer. If your desired room and time(s) are taken, you're left playing the back and forth game, as you figure out when to have the meeting and if it will work for all attendees. 

A meeting room app removes all of these communication issues and puts room availability in the palm of your hand. This lets you plan meeting details with attendees in real-time. 

Not only does this make meeting scheduling faster, but it also makes it less confusing. Once you agree upon a time and location, you're done!

  • Have the Right Equipment 

Do you need a certain piece of equipment for your meeting? Maybe you need a projector or other audiovisual equipment. You could physically walk to each room to check what each one has and if it'll work for your needs. 

Or you could use a conference room reservation system that contains all this information. Open the app and look for a meeting room that has the equipment you need and is large enough to fit all of your attendees. 

  • Syncing 

Old school meeting room systems involve a piece of paper on the outside of the meeting room. You walk by, sign up for your meeting, and then head back to your desk to email everyone. 

This creates the possibility for a lot of human error. What if you write down or remember the wrong time? Then there's the risk of becoming distracted between signing up and sending the email. 

A meeting app that syncing with your Outlook email takes all the risks of error out of your meeting planning. You can easily schedule your meeting and invite attendees all through a single platform.

Get Your Own Meeting Room Management App

If you find yourself wasting time scheduling and rescheduling meetings, then it's time to implement a meeting room management system. This puts the power of scheduling and room management in your hand. 

With the right solution, you can schedule on the go and schedule your meeting once. This will free up your time to be more productive and reduce the risk of confusion with attendees. 

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