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Return to office: How to keep up with Social Distancing

15 December, 2020

Social distancing remains the most important factor in making sure to keep the virus down. As an employer, your role is to make sure it’s easy for your employees to keep up with social distancing guidelines when they visit the office.

For example, all desks should be placed as far from each other as necessary, lunchrooms and cafeterias need to be modified to ensure safety, and the maximum amount of people in meeting rooms needs to be decreased. Exactly how your office needs to be changed will vary depending on what social distancing guidelines your country has. But there are some general truths that apply for every business, wherever you may be located:


There is no chance that your workplace can keep the same density as before, mainly because you need to make sure that there is enough space between desks and other facilities that your employees use. People can’t sit as tight as before, and that’s a fact. To get this straight you can either remove desks or simply manage which desks your employees can use.

Invest in hot-desking solutions

We recommend that you add some kind of hot-desking solution to help you manage your spaces. With Meetio Desk you can decide which desk and other spaces in your office that are free to use. Every time your employees are planning to work in office, they need to book a seat. If there are no free desks, they can't come. This also let's you manage your workplace maximum capacity in a easy and effective manner!

Traffic flow

If possible, make your corridors one-way. This isn’t possible for everyone of course (hey, we also only have one corridor), but as you might have seen in supermarkets, they have made their aisle traffic only one way. This means that you won’t bump into your coworkers going in the opposite direction.

Scheduled Meals

Even if it’s not standard– there are other times to eat lunch than between 12 and 1 PM. Schedule different time slots for when employees can go and eat without risking an over-crowded lunchroom. An idea is to schedule based on different areas in the workplace to make it easy for everyone.

Put out reminders

We’re all humans, and when we get comfortable, we tend to forget things like social distancing. Make sure to remind your employees of the rules by putting out signs in areas that easily get full – such as elevators, meeting rooms, and stairs.

Keeping your workplace safe when returning is key. Invest in smart solutions that both you and your employees benefit from and return with confidence.

PS. This post is part of Meetio's return to the office-guide, read more here.

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