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Return to the office: How to choose a desk booking system

16 December, 2020

A hot-desking tool is great when you return to the office. But before you invest in a desk booking system you need to do some research. If you want to be happy with your new tool, there are a few boxes to tick! 

We recommend you look for these key features:

Touch-free bookings

The less we need to touch in this moment – the better. If you only can use your desk booking system by clicking on it, we suggest that you look for another.

Book from your phone

A smartphone could be described as an extra body part. Reasonably you should therefore be able to connect your hot desking solution to a phone app so that your coworkers easily can book without having to think about opening up their computer.


Start small and then build on is a great strategy for a lot of things, and a desk booking tool not an exception. And in this case, we wouldn’t be surprised if you want to add on new desks as the pandemic passes. Make therefore sure to choose a desk booking solution that lets you add new licenses without it being a big investment.

Enable check-in

If you have booked a desk and for some reason get preoccupied and forget to unbook it – the check-in function does it for you. In normal times, this is great since someone else can use the desk instead, and in these times it’s necessary in terms of contact tracing.


Great connectivity

We recommend that you choose a hot-desking solution that connects to your calendar system. If you want to add on more integrated workplace solutions in the future, it will be a lot smoother process if everything is connected to the same system.

Easy setup

Why waste time and energy on tricky setup processes when you can get started in under three minutes? Meetio’s administration tool Meetio Admin makes it a piece of cake.

Your choice of hardware

Hardware can be both expensive and ill-fitted to your workplace. Go for a solution that is flexible and gives you the ROI that you want. You shouldn’t be forced to go with hardware just because it’s the only option.

If you want to know more about hot desking - download our guide for a comprehensive introduction! 

Guide: Return to the office after Covid-19

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