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Why you need a conference room booking solution for co-working spaces

17 December, 2020

There are around 19,000 co-working spaces around the world today. If you own one of these facilities, you know how rewarding it can be to allow entrepreneurs and small business owners to operate their companies with only a fraction of the overhead if they were renting their own office space.

You also know how difficult it is to manage meeting rooms so that everybody is happy and productive. Keep reading to learn more about a conference room booking solution that will solve some of the most common meeting room management problems in co-working spaces.

Common Meeting Rooms Management Problems

Let's start by digging deeper into some of the most common problems faced by those in co-working spaces. If you have not already dealt with some of these, you likely will at some point.

1. Scheduling Conflicts

What happens when two people want to use a specific meeting room at the same time? Do you have a system in place to deal with this common problem?

Owners of co-working spaces shouldn't have to be an intermediary between conflicting business owners, yet that's often the case when there's not a clear system in place that determines who can use a certain space and for how long.

2. Lack of Technology

When an individual wants to book a meeting room for a presentation or anything that involves the use of technology, it's important that the equipment they need is available to them. However, if you have different equipment in various meeting rooms, it may be difficult for someone to know which room to book.

3. Wrong Room Size

When you have a large group that has to convene in a smaller room, while at the same time, a smaller group meets in a larger conference room, it can lead to wasted resources and create unnecessary frustration.

A situation like this may reflect poorly on you as the owner of the co-working space. This is why it's important to make sure that your tenants are using rooms that are appropriately sized for the number of people attending the meeting.

4. No-shows

As the owner of a co-working space, you may also encounter instances where somebody books a room but then doesn't show up or, at the very least, does not cancel in a timely manner. That means a meeting room will end up empty while you lose money.

Best Conference Room Booking Solution

Many co-working space owners have already turned to meeting rooms management solutions to resolve these problems and more. Here are some of the things you can do with Meetio Room:

  • Display room status

  • See room capacity
  • Set up spontaneous meetings

  • Centralize room management

  • Require room check-ins

  • View room availability

You can also get valuable information about how your meeting rooms are being used so that you can make informed business decisions and better utilize the space you currently have.

Learn More About the Meetio Room Reservation System

These are just some of the common problems you may have to deal with if you're not using a meeting room booking tool. Putting a conference room booking solution in place can help you better ensure the satisfaction of your tenants. To learn more about our room scheduling system, book a demo today. See for yourself just how much Meetio Room can do for your organization!

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