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How a desk scheduling system maximizes your workspace and saves money

21 December, 2020

From open office plans to remote working and shared coworking spaces, the office isn't what it used to be. Add to the mix hot-desking, and you have got a rapidly changing work environment. 

But Why hot-desking? It permits people to work where and when they choose, and a desk scheduling system can easily facilitate this process.

Established companies and self-employed individuals alike are now using hot-desking to remain connected and productive no matter where their work takes them. The myriad benefits don't stop there. 

From maximizing workspace and saving money to increasing creativity and community, benefits abound. Keep reading to learn more about this system and how it can work for your company.

Hot Desking 101

Hot desking allows different employees to utilize the same workspaces on an ad-hoc basis. It works well for companies where individuals spend only a fraction of their time seated at their desks. 

Employees stagger their use of company space throughout the day. This approach to the office permits companies to maximize space efficiency. It also reduces redundant real estate and can drive a company's costs down by up to 30 percent.

Where can hot-desking be implemented? It works in both coworking spaces and private offices. It increases employee innovation and encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration by “mixing up” the social dynamic. 

How Hot Desking Works

Effective hot desking requires the creation of designated private and shared office spaces. Design and layout will depend on factors unique to your company culture and employee needs.

Most hot desk spaces contain a handful of universal amenities. For example, they have access to plenty of power outlets and a strong Wi-Fi signal. They may also include separate areas where employees can take calls using dedicated business phones. 

Employees may also have access to:

  • Shared lounges
  • Brainstorming areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Printing facilities
  • Storage areas for personal items
  • Additional tech resources (e.g., DVI, HDMI, VGA)

Another must? Ready access to kitchen/break rooms, bathrooms, meeting spaces, and private areas. Remember that most professions call for some level of privacy during the workday. Sound-proofed phone booths, private nooks, and bookable conference rooms fulfill these needs.

How Hot-Desk Scheduling Works

Hot-desk management is best handled via an online scheduling system such as Meetio Desk. 

How does a system like this work? Meetio Desk is a cloud-based service that manages and books physical desks in your workspace. The system can also connect with physical desk pucks and Meetio View maps to make these reservations more intuitive.

How does Meetio's hot desking work?

Meetio Desk is designed to be incredibly easy to use. On your way to the office, you may simply open the Meetio app to locate a desk in your preferred workspace. You may then reserve your spot and scan the QR code provided by the app when you get there to claim your desk. 

You also have the option of installing Meetio’s desk pucks. With them in place, you may just head to the area where you'd like to work and tap on a physical desk puck. The LED screen will indicate if it's free or occupied. If it's free, double tap the screen to claim it. When you're ready to leave, just tap the puck again to make the desk available for another coworker.

A Scheduling System You Can Rely On

Are you interested in implementing a hot desking setup at your company or coworking space? Not only will it save you money and maximize your workspace, but it'll lead to more productive and creative employees.

Schedule a complimentary demo to see our scheduling system in action.

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