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How to Organize and Run Effective Business Meetings

22 April, 2020

Running an effective business meeting is always a challenge. And while the point of a business meeting is to increase productivity and brainstorm great ideas, they can often be very unfruitful and a total waste of valuable corporate resources. This is especially true, if the meeting or the meeting space is not properly managed beforehand. So, here we provide some tips on managing both more effectively. 

 Tips on How to Have A Successful Meeting

Often meetings are not organized properly ahead of time. This poor organization is often what causes meetings to get out of control. Here is what you need to know about how to prevent these issues - and ensure successful meetings:

  • Choose room carefully

The layout of the meeting room is more important than you might think!

Consider the type of room you will need for your meeting. You, of course, want one which accommodates all the staff who must attend. But simply having a room which fills that capacity is not enough. Consider the layout of the room: are they all to face each other as in a roundtable situation? Or should they all face one person like in a seminar? Does there need to be ample space for them to move around? Check out our Conference Room Equipment Checklist to prep your meeting rooms in advance.

It's equally important to choose the right location when you're working remotely. Noise from the street or slamming in the kitchen can ruin even the most structured meeting.

  • Make an Itinerary

To ensure discipline in the meeting, you want to have an itinerary that outlines what the meeting will comprise of. Specify what is to be discussed and for what time duration. Try your best to stick to this as well as you can. This also makes sure that everyone is on the same page and that there is a focus on the important points made during the meeting.

A meeting is usually intended to address an issue or to discuss the particulars of an important milestones for a huge project. If held properly, meetings should be concise, and they should not need to be extended. Having a well-thought-out itinerary ensures that meetings do not drag on and there does not need to be additional meetings.

  • A Bit of Flavor

Add a bit of flavor to your meetings. The meeting should be memorable and should have participants getting involved. While some meetings may be more serious - in a seminar format - many meetings can have participants chiming in their ideas. You can organize activities, brainstorming sessions, and mini workshops into your meetings.

  • Find Your Room

And finally, we now come to why you should use a Meeting Room Management system. Such a system can help you with find the perfect room for your next meeting. 

Meetio's room booking system allows you to see what rooms are available in any office. You can see the details of each room - ranging from seats available to facilities such as AV equipment in each room. You will also be presented with a schedule of other events occurring in that room on your desired date.

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