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Everything You Need to Know About Meeting Room Tablets

27 April, 2020

Organizations spend an average of 15% of their collective time in meetings. This figure has increased each year since 2008. And yet, 21% of employees admit to not attending recurring meetings (yes, this is what you would call a ghost meeting) That’s a lot of room scheduling going on! Also, having meeting spaces that sit empty are a waste of the company’s resources.

What if there was a way to eliminate the headache of searching for meeting rooms and juggling meetings around to accommodate last-minute changes?

Meeting room tablets may be the solution that keeps your company’s productivity on track. Here's why:

Less Room for Error

Room tablets outside of meeting rooms make room management easy for everyone. While employees search for available rooms, they don’t waste time searching through a database or wandering the halls.

With tablet displays, the room status is clear through the universal traffic light system. Green means the meeting room is free, yellow means a meeting is coming up in that room, and red means the room is in use.

If the room is free, it’s simple to grab for an upcoming meeting with a couple of clicks.


Kiosk Mode

If only certain individuals within your organization can access the meeting scheduling system for the conference rooms, just change the tablets to kiosk mode. They will still be informative, but only certain actions are allowed on the device. 

Central Management

You also won’t have to worry about extra staff, software, or servers to set up and run the tablets. When managing your meeting rooms with tablets, you will have access to all the features via a cloud-based application.

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Think about the resources that will be spared by the elimination of disrupted meetings and ghosted meeting rooms. With live time availability at a glance, employees can reserve rooms right from the display, saving time and encouraging spontaneous meetings.

Tablets give your employees the ability to view a room’s specifications, including available equipment such as a projector, whiteboard, TV, or conference phone.

Provide a Room Agenda

If you have your eyes set on a meeting room for later, scroll through “today’s meetings” to see the agenda for your desired room. You and your employees can easily determine when the room is available or when the next meeting will take place.

Plan Your Space Better

Are you considering redesigning your office’s meeting space? Using meeting room tablets will help you collect the data you need to determine whether you have the correct number of meeting rooms.

By requiring check-in and check-out for meeting rooms, you’ll have insights regarding booking behavior and whether your employees use the rooms when they book them. If no one checks in at the meeting’s start time, the reservation can be canceled automatically so that others may book the space. Increase productivity by eliminating late-start meetings.

The check-in feature will also discourage those “ghost meetings” we discussed earlier.

Elevate Your Workplace with Meeting Room Tablets

Ready to solve those meeting room booking headaches? It’s time to install some meeting room tablets ! Don’t worry about having to learn another software or calendar management solution. The Meetio Room tablet integrates with all widely used calendar systems.

Learn more about Meetio Room here!

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