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How a Meeting Room Management System can make the most of your time

20 December, 2019

If you work in an office, meetings are probably a normal part of your workday. You might have meetings about new projects, company goals, or staffing changes. Great meetings encourage thoughtful discussion and solve company problems. But if meetings are unproductive for 71% of senior managers, something's not right. Meetings aren't serving their purpose.

Enter the meeting room management system. Keep reading to learn why investing in a scheduling software and system can help your workplace's bottom line.

Always Know the Right Time and Location of Meetings 

If you've ever shown up to an empty conference room, you've felt that panic and confusion. You race back to your desk to double-check your calendar and find that you went to the wrong conference room or the meeting was canceled. 

Once you get back to your desk, you might feel distracted since the interruption broke your focus. On average, it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to a task after an interruption.

This time-wasting, stressful situation could've been prevented with a meeting room management system in place. The right system can update attendees about a change to the time or place of a meeting instantaneously through its smartphone meeting room app and meeting room tablet, which sit outside every meeting room. No need to waste time walking to a meeting room, only to find out it’s moved or canceled. 

The Time Spent in Meetings Will Be More Productive

With a meeting room management system in place, your meetings will be more efficient. This system comes with a meeting room manager tablet. This tablet sits outside the meeting rooms and helps to visualize whether meeting rooms are free or occupied. So, you won't have to worry about coworkers barging in to ask about the location of a different meeting. Plus, you won't have to worry about problems like accidentally using someone else's conference room booking.

Your fellow attendees won't have to deal with unexpected interruptions, so it will be easier for them to focus.

Spend Less Time on Administrative Tasks 

Scheduling a meeting used to be the responsibility of a staff member, usually an administrative assistant. This employee would have to coordinate a time and place. Then afterwards inform all the attendees about it. If there was a last-minute change, it would get even more complicated.

However, with a meeting room management system in place, the administrative assistant (and your entire staff) will have more time to focus on the big picture, instead of getting caught up in the intricacies of room scheduling.

For example, if there’s a last-minute change in the meeting schedule through this system, everyone will be informed almost immediately, what new room and resources have been allocated. No manual effort is needed.

Furthermore, with a meeting room manager tablet sitting outside every meeting room, such a last-minute change will be visualized on every room tablet immediately, preventing any room resource conflict. As these room tablets help with visualizing free and occupied rooms instantaneously on its display as the meetings are booked in real-time.

Invest in a Meeting Room Manager Today

No matter your industry, your company was founded to serve a purpose and achieve a goal. So why is so much of the workday wasted on minor tasks like checking email and updating conference room schedules? Take back your workday with the help of our meeting room manager.

Schedule a free product demo today and see how our solution could work for your company, or read more about our solutions by clicking the button below.

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