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How to Manage Back-To-Back Meetings Effectively

24 December, 2019

Are you looking for ways to help manage your back-to-back meetings at work? If so, look no further!

Many workplace employees are burnt out due to having too many back-to-back meetings. These feelings combined with lost productivity time have caused many companies to suffer.

To help you, your co-workers, and your place of work better manage back-to-back meetings, we have compiled a how-to guide for you on how to do so.

Find Balance Between Meetings and Proactive Tasks

Sometimes when you have back-to-back meetings at work, you don't end up accomplishing any of the real day to day work tasks that you need to get done. Thus, these back-to-back meetings are causing you to be less productive and less proactive at work.

To rectify this issue, you should create a meeting to work proactivity ratio rule. For example, for every one-hour meeting you have, you must have one hour of time to complete proactive work tasks. 

Limit How Long Your Meetings Can Be

Instead of having a typical one-hour meeting at work, compact your meeting into forty-five minutes. If you make a rule that you're not going to attend meetings that are more than a certain amount of time, you will be surprised at how much time you will save.

You can use this newfound free time to debrief about meeting you just went to, prepare for your next meeting, complete other work tasks you have, or relax. Limiting your meeting times can also help you get to your next meeting on time.

Prioritize Meetings

To have better meeting management, use a meeting room scheduler to prioritize your meetings from most important to least important. In doing this you can decide which meetings you want to dedicate more time to and which meetings you are willing to cut shorter or postpone to a later time or date.

Create Meeting Agendas

If you truly must maintain a heavy meeting schedule for work, at least stay organized about when and where your meetings are. To help you stay organized, utilize meeting management software such as Google Calendar or Teams.

Also, try to make as many of your meetings at your workplace as possible. That way you are not wasting time commuting to other places.

Have Walking Meetings 

A great way to learn how to run a meeting is through walking meetings. Walking meetings are when you and a co-worker walk together around the office for a limited time and discuss anything work-related that you need to go over.

Walking meetings are a great way to change things up and keep you alert. Walking meetings are also a great way to limit the length of time of your meetings.

How to Manage Back-to-Back Meetings: The Takeaway

As you can see, there are many ways to work around having back-to-back meetings. You just have to take the bull by the horns and suggest one of the meeting management tips we just listed.

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