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Say Goodbye to Paper Conference Room Signage: Why You Need a Meeting Room Tablet

7 February, 2020

How many meetings a week do you attend? Apparently, the average executive is in 23 hours of meetings a week. So, that's about half the executive salary spent on meetings alone.

Making meetings more effective is about getting a better return on that investment. Having to print a "Room Reserved" sign every time you're having a meeting isn't as effective as having a digital meeting room tablet system. Read on to know why you need one asap.

What is a Meeting Room Tablet?

Meeting room administration can be a continual source of problems. People need to have meetings but if the meeting room booking procedures don't work effectively that can inhibit productivity, cause conflict and get people down.

A meeting room tablet is part of an integrated meeting room administration system. It hangs on the wall outside the meeting rooms.

It provides people with information about meeting room availability. It also acts as a means of booking a room for a meeting. Additional features are the ability to check-in at a meeting room and to end a meeting early.

Because the room-based tablet is part of an integrated system people can book rooms from wherever they work through a meeting room app or through their email calendars that syncs with the tablets.

Reduce Conflict

With an effective centralized meeting administration system, there are fewer conflicts at work. Paper signs claiming a room for a meeting are common but notoriously unreliable. Accusations of sabotage or room stealing are avoided by using a reliable room booking system.

Make it Easy

The process for booking a room can be made available to desktop and mobile users. This means you don't have to be present in the office to book a meeting room. The room booking application is intuitive and simple to use.

Integration Works

Having an integrated room administration system with room-based tablets reflects your normal workflow. Creating agendas, distributing them, inviting people and booking a room should be all part of a single workflow. With a room booking system, they can be.

Less Administration

Some organizations try to resolve room booking problems by enforcing a central administration. One individual has the responsibility to control room booking and everybody has to contact them to book a room. This is not an efficient use of human resources.

A room-based tablet means less administrative overhead. You are not dependent on the room booker being at work or contactable.

Increased Productivity

A meeting room is an important asset for your business. The utilization of the space can be improved when a room booking system is used. For example, when meetings end early or are canceled, the room can be released for other users.

Call a Meeting

Making meetings more productive is so important that you should call a meeting about it. A method for getting more effective meetings is likely to be well received. Unfortunately, until you have a meeting room tablet, you'll need to print another "Room Reserved" sign.

Learn more about our meeting room tablet solution here.

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