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3 Common Problems That Can Be Solved with a Good Room Scheduler

5 February, 2020

Is your office in need of a little more professionalism and organization? If you're fed up with poor communication, or meeting no-shows, there may be a simple solution.

The right room scheduler can help your organization make sure meeting attendees are apprised of meeting times, places, and requirements.

Here are 3 common work-place problems and how the perfect meeting room scheduler can solve them for your office.

1. Poor Communication

When you're using emails, scheduling tools, word of mouth and more to try and organize meetings, you can bet information is going to fall through the cracks.

In the workplace, there's little that slows productivity down more than poor communication.

Don't allow your meeting attendees to be confused about time, place, and expectations for your next gathering. We've all been in meetings where a presenter wasn't fully prepared because they didn't find out until the very last minute. Use a room scheduling system that syncs with your existing calendar, that visualizes room bookings and makes it easy to find available rooms. Do your employees a big favor and ramp up their communication skills with a smart room scheduler

In one integrated platform, you can inform various attendees about your meeting and also look at what rooms and times are available. See which rooms feature the proper equipment and technology, as well as seating for your event. You can also book your meetings directly from your phone.

A simple and reliable room scheduler is sometimes all you need to break down communication barriers at work.

2. Wasted Time

Manual room scheduling processes can be a major headache and workplace productivity-sink. Without one, stream-lined room scheduling system, you may have multiple, disparate systems that are inefficient and clunky.

This can often result in cumbersome efforts just to schedule a room and make sure everyone who needs to attend actually make it to the event.

Don't even get us started on the additional headache any changes cause when you're using more than one system to schedule a room.

The well-known phrase, "time is money," is true, and when it comes to your business, the less time you spend scheduling meetings, the more time you have for getting the work done.

3. Double-Booked Rooms

You've put in the time and effort to prepare a presentation and notify attendees of your meeting. The last thing you want is to have everyone show up and discover the room is already occupied.

Double-booking is a common workplace problem when an adequate room scheduling system is unavailable.

Fortunately, with the right system, you can avoid having to reschedule meetings, get into arguments overbooking rooms, and deal with irritated attendees.

Double-booking can especially harm your company's brand if you ask clients or investors to attend and find yourself without a room. This leaves you looking unprofessional and disorganized.


Choosing the Perfect Room Scheduler

At Meetio we offer a fully integrated, smart, room scheduling system to solve these and numerous other workplace frustrations. 

If you're looking for even more reasons a room scheduling system is ideal for your business, read our post on the four astonishing benefits of using conference room software. 

With Meetio, you'll be ready to take your business-meeting game to the next level.

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