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Map It Out! 4 Benefits of a Conference Room Software

4 September, 2019

Good organization is one of the most important factors for a successful business. This includes the organization of the workspaces and meeting rooms. 

Let's face it. It would look unprofessional to schedule a meeting and find out there is no space to host it. 

That's why having a conference room software that provides clear and easy-to-use office space management has huge benefits for your company. Keep reading to learn just four of the top advantages of conference room booking software.

1. Find a meeting space quickly and conveniently

With the right conference room software, you can instantly have a map of your office to find which spaces are available for a meeting.

For example, Meetio's room software pulls up the office floor plan on a large touchscreen showing you which rooms are available. The available rooms are in green, while the red rooms are being used.

It also shows you a schedule of what is happening in those rooms on that day and their timeframes. 

No more awkwardly interrupting meetings or having to ask around to find an available space. Just find the space and instantly book it.

2. Save time and space, improve productivity

With a conference room software that allows you to visualize and stay updated with conference room space availability, you can get more out of your meetings. You won't have to worry about hogging a room or having to cut your meeting short because someone had the room scheduled (and you didn't know). Instead, your meetings will be more relaxed and productive. If they need to run longer, then just hit the "extend meeting" button. Or, instantly find another vacant room to move to and keep the discussion going. 

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3. Understand workspace utilization

It's hard to really know which workspaces are being used, how often, and if you need more conference spaces. With good conference room software, you'll get data on workplace utilization so you can see which spaces are being used and how often. This insight is valuable for resource planning and future growth. 

4. Equipment knowledge

It's easy to forget which meeting rooms have what equipment, especially in large offices. Sometimes we need a monitor to show a slideshow or statistics. Other times, we need a whiteboard to get our ideas across. With conference room software, you can always know which rooms are equipped with which devices. This is extremely helpful if you're trying to find a last-minute meeting space and you know you need a particular equipment.

5. Get your conference room software today 

Conference room software keeps office meeting rooms organized and up to date. It reaches across all types of devices so that anyone in the office can have access to the office floor plan and space utilization. Once you use office space meeting room software, you'll never turn back.

Start enjoying the benefits today. View our products here and take control of your workplace.

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