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Meeting Room Scheduling Solutions: Avoid Meeting No-shows

2 September, 2019

Any given day, there are 25 million meetings held in the United States. 

A lot has been written and researched about how wasteful many of these meetings can be. Because of this, you should always be seeking to optimize your meetings and get as much value out of them as you can. 

One way you can accomplish this by investing in meeting room scheduling solutions. Check out these tips below to make sure your meetings are scheduled so you can avoid no-shows.

1. Keep meeting room availability up to the moment and on display

If you have a scarcity of meeting rooms available at any given day, it's important to control meeting room traffic by letting people know when one is occupied, how long it has been occupied, when others are free, and when the next meeting room will become available.

This is especially useful in co-working places where meeting room time is booked by the hour or other time increments. 

You can display this important information instantaneously on large LED boards that people can check at their leisure. It will give you the chance to keep people up to date so that your meeting rooms are used efficiently. 

2. Use the best meeting room software

Having excellent meeting room software will be your bread and butter. This software system lets you plan out meetings and communicate effectively with everyone involved. 

There are a variety of meeting room products that you can use to run your meetings more effectively. 

Software and hardware platforms like Meetio let you view a breakdown of all rooms available in your entire office. It allows you to then schedule a meeting room through your computer or meeting room app on your smart phone. Notify all individuals involved and then afterwards check-in for that scheduled meeting. This system also offers workplace analytics to further improve your company's operations. 

3. Make the sign-in process as simple as possible

Don't over-complicate things. Let people create accounts so they can easily check-in and out as needed.

The easier it is to sign in for your meetings, the fewer no-shows you will get. People won't feel intimidated by the technology and will instead be able to extract all the value they need from every meeting. 

4. Add technology that gives your meetings flexibility

Always make your meetings more productive by adding technology. Record every meeting and offer live streaming. This way, if there are ever scheduling issues, people can take part in the meeting remotely or watch a replay at their earliest convenience.

5. Plan your meeting in advance and require RSVP

The best way to eliminate no-shows is by making sure you properly plan. Make your dates as clear as possible and give people time to RSVP. This way, there's no confusion and people will be better able to commit to each meeting.

6. Use these meeting room scheduling solutions

These meeting room scheduling solutions are helpful regardless of what sort of small business you run. Having efficient and timely access to these meeting rooms will give you a greater chance to streamline the way you handle business. 

Technology is your friend, so upgrade the way you do business in today's connected world.

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