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The Digitization of Meeting Room Booking and Room Availability

The Digitization of Meeting Room Booking and Room Availability

24 January, 2018

In the modern workplace, there are few things that are still done manually or through analog systems. You know by now that email and messaging apps are a much faster and more convenient method of efficient communication than phone calls or letters. You know that wifi connectivity is better than needing to be plugged into an ethernet cable. And you probably benefit from accessing SaaS platforms and tools that help to run your organization, or even your own job, smoother. So why wouldn’t you digitize your meetings and meeting room booking? It’s probably time that you do.

Why use a room booking system?

Digitization of old processes is typically done because it saves time to focus on more important tasks. The same goes for room booking systems. Rather than use an old scheduling method of a sign up sheet, or an email system that doesn’t have all the functionality that it needs (because it’s not designed for physical meeting bookings!), you should consider that a new system in place can allow you to be more precise and efficient.

Using a system for room bookings not only saves time, but it can help you to avoid the major pitfalls of meeting scheduling, such as double booking of conference rooms, and last minute cancellations that aren’t updated accordingly. Inefficient meetings are already a major waste of time and money in todays corporations. But, using the right tools can help you avoid searching your office for an open space to hold meetings, or get caught without a room when double bookings happen.

Choosing the right type of digitization

While there are some meeting room booking systems you may already use or have heard of, not many of them translate to the physical rooms themselves. Think about how the digitization of the actual meeting room can help you to also organize and run meetings better... For example: with meeting room digitization, you can ensure that participants check in as they enter the room. If no one shows up for the meeting, the room becomes available to others. The monitor outside can show when the room is booked or free, and when the next available times throughout the day may be.

Other systems allow you to have a total overview of your office’s meeting rooms and which ones are booked up throughout the day, or even in future days and weeks. When you can have an “at-a-glance” view of what’s available and what’s not, you’re better able to manage your scheduling, understand what you can plan for when creating your meeting invitation and meeting agenda, or even how to manage visitors who come to your office for meetings.

Digitization across industries has allowed us to be the most efficient and productive we’ve ever been. While in-person meetings will likely be a mainstay of office policy for the foreseeable future, meeting booking and managing can and should be done in a better way. When you opt to use an effective digital strategy for your room booking, you can discover room availability, avoid scheduling conflicts, and start to run your meetings more efficiently.

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