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What is workplace analytics?

2 October, 2019

Are you new to the world of workplace analytics? If yes, welcome! Workplace analytics is just what it sounds like – a tool that helps you calculate the usage of your workplace. 
Workplace analytics are great for many reasons, and in this post we will explore some functions of it. If you are interested to get more in-depth knowledge we recommend you to read this post on how to calculate the ROI of your workplace 

Room usage statistics

With workplace analytics you can find out the utilization rate of your workplace. Basically, how much of your spaced is used and not. You can also get an indication of the popularity of your different rooms, and how your workplace actually is utilized.

Let’s say that you’re working as an office manager, and you have eight meeting rooms in your office. Your colleagues are complaining about how hard it is to find a room and that they want to move to a bigger office. However, you feel that something is a little off. There are not so many people in the office that eight meeting rooms are too few.

Instead of fumbling in the dark, or even start planning an office move (which we know will be very expensive and not to mention messy) turn to workplace analytics. Maybe you will find out that half of the rooms are not used at all, but the other half is booked all the time. Or your colleagues are right and the office is too small — but that’s a different article.

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Next move is to find out why the rooms are left without reservations, even on the busiest days. It might depend on unsatisfactory comfort, bad lightning or lack of necessary equipment as video conference tools. The reason that the office is perceived as small has nothing to do with the actual size, but the fact that there are too few rooms that meet the employee’s needs. Therefore, the competition of the remaining meeting rooms turns out high and the possibility to find a free room becomes limited.

So instead of moving your organization to a bigger office­ — update your unused meeting rooms to the same standard as the others! A much cheaper and easier story.

Re-plan your office

Another insight you can get from workplace analytics is how your office can be re-arranged. It’s also possible to reverse the example above: perhaps it’s so that several rooms are left untouched because there’s no need for them? Then you can do something else with that surface!

Today’s offices are moving from the stiff and static culture that once characterized the office environment. The focus is now often to build activity-based workplaces, created to inspire and motivate different types of working. So, let your unused meeting room find a new purpose ­— maybe put in some sofas or pillows to create a more relaxed and casual area?

Think twice act wise

When you have a tedious problem with meeting rooms, it might feel tempting to take the easy way out – stick your head in the ground. With a workplace analytics tool you will have a much easier way forward. Meetio's remote management tool Meetio Admin is included in all our products – and lucky enough, it contains a workplace analytic tool. Read more about our solutions here.

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