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Unified Meeting Room Management System

What is a Unified Meeting Room Management System?

20 August, 2020

We're headfirst in the digital age, and you want both your employees as well as your workplace to be smart. That is precisely why you need a unified meeting room management platform which gives your high-performing team instant access to all meeting room booking communication in one convenient unified system. 

So, what does this system actually look like? And what can you expect from a unified meeting room platform? How does it all come together for your team? This article outlines everything you need to know about Meetio's excellent unified meeting room platform.

Meetio Personal: meeting room app

Let's start off by exploring the meeting room and meeting scheduling app, available for all smartphones. 

This allows anyone to reserve meetings through their phone – making scheduling a breeze. It’s a fantastic tool for anyone looking to increase team productivity by allowing seamless on-demand meeting room scheduling.

The Outlook integration allows team members to view upcoming meetings, schedule new ones, and extend meetings which are already in motion. It also allows members to check for room availability whenever the need arises. It's a flexible solution that's simple to navigate across many digital devices, making it a great productivity tool for everyone to have. 

Meetio Room: meeting room manager tablet

This meeting room tablet is another great tool for every meeting room in an organization. This tablet is designed to sit outside meeting rooms. It uses a traffic light coloring system to signify meeting room availability. 

It truly takes the guesswork out of availability, leaving no room for misinterpretation. With clear and easy visuals, you can quickly book an available meeting room, or schedule a future meeting in any available room. It outlines important considerations like meeting room capacity, agendas, and even check-in statuses, making it the ultimate accessory for smart meeting rooms. 

If this already was not enough, you also get access to insightful analytics, which can help the resources administrator pinpoint scarce meeting resources and optimize them accordingly.

Meetio View: unified meeting room visualization

Meetio View is a big visual dashboard that enables a birds-eye view of all meeting room resources across an organization. This includes a detailed map of available and unavailable rooms – taking the guesswork out of meeting room scheduling. 

It's also a great tool to help clients and employees navigate around a new building and find their way to the meetings on time. It also creates a very professional first impression for any organization hosting meetings.

Meetio View is ultimately a combination of some of the best features from the app and the room manager tablet but designed for a larger audience. Like the app, the dashboard allows you to seamlessly schedule meetings and book meeting rooms, and like the tablet you can view meeting room agendas, availability of rooms, and more. 

One unified meeting platform with everything you need!

Get smarter with a unified meeting platform

Ready to create a smarter workplace that your employees will love? We have got some great tools you can use! Get in touch for a free demo of our best-in-class unified meeting room management software and hardware! 

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