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Overbooked Again? Why You Need a Conference Room Scheduling System

24 August, 2019

Are your meetings productive?

After feedback from 500 chief executives, Adam Bryant says one of the top three rules is "start on time" and "end on time". That's fine, but how do you do that when you turn up to the meeting room only to find somebody else got there before you?

Things that seem like minor details, like conference room booking, can be a major hassle, especially in fast growing businesses. Here's why you need a good conference room scheduling system.

Conference room scheduling system

Conference or meeting rooms have been managed by some system or other for as long as meeting rooms have existed. Older employees may remember the days when a paper calendar was placed on a meeting room door. The room was booked by writing the person's name on the calendar.

This "foolproof" system could be abused by people erasing names, pulling rank and ignoring bookings. People often turned up outside the meeting room door to find that it was in use and nobody had booked the room.

Later, systems developed that integrated online calendars and emails such as Microsoft Exchange or Google. However, nowadays there are more efficient meeting room booking systems that offer much more functionality. Essentially integrating people's calendars with hardware.  These conference room scheduling systems make both scheduled and spontaneous meetings very easy to arrange. They also deliver many other benefits to the typical business.

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Cut down administration

Using a meeting room scheduling system cuts down on both administration and management time. There's no need for a member of your staff to control room bookings or to resolve meeting clashes anymore. An efficient meeting room system lets people arrange their own meetings, invite all attendees and efficiently integrate with the way they work.

Simple organization

Booking a meeting couldn't be any easier. These systems reduce human error and eradicate double bookings. Other features include room capacity details, equipment inventory, and integration with online calendars.

Real world timetable

Agile or flexible working arrangements are increasingly common these days. You and your employees probably don't work a standard working day. Consequently, you will need the ability to make meeting room arrangements whenever you want and from wherever you are. 

The real world of business is 24 hours and operates in many time zones simultaneously. That's why a conference room booking system should be accessible 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

Return on investment

Ever wonder how effective your meeting room utilization is? Conference rooms are an expensive resource, so you need to know whether they are worth the investment. How often do they sit empty?

A conference room scheduling system can provide very insightful room usage data. These statistics can be very revealing about booking behavior and room utilization. As your company grows, systems like these, can help your organization make better decisions about future meeting room needs.

Impress customers

If you sell your conference room spaces, it's important that your customer gets the best experience possible. Adding your company’s logo to the conference room scheduler will impress your clients and help your branding. Better still, delivering reliable and effective meeting room experiences will consistently keep your customers returning for their future conference room needs.

Make room

Make room in your calendar to learn about how a conference room scheduling system like Meetio’s can transform room booking for your business. Find out more by getting in touch here.

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