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Getting started

This short user guide is meant to give a quick introduction to Meetio Personal. If you have any questions or thoughts, don’t hesitate get in touch!

Meetio Personal phone app calendar
Meetio Personal Outlook extension

What is Meetio Personal?

Meetio Personal is a powerful combination of two solutions – a phone app and an Outlook extension, providing you with a solution for flexible scheduling suited for you and your needs. No matter if you’re using your phone or desktop Outlook client, Meetio Personal makes scheduling a piece of cake.

Meetio Personal is highly flexible and can be configured to meet the different needs of different organizations. Hence, all the features shown in this guide might not be activated in your organization. Contact your system administrator for further information about your setup. Or, are you the system administrator? Check out the set up guide for the phone app here.

Meetio the phone app

The Meetio app is a scheduling app for Android and iOS that lets you schedule meetings and meeting rooms – all at once, on your phone, from wherever you are. Forget about running around the office to find a free room, use Meetio app and get a complete overview of available meeting rooms in the palm of your hand. Let’s get started!


Meetio Personal phone app
Meetio Personal phone app log in screen

Step 1: Download and install

Head over to App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and download the latest version of the Meetio app and install it.

Step 2: Log in

Log in with the calendar system your organization is using. Press “Continue” to enable login with your account. In the next window, choose which account to be connected to the Meetio app.

Meetio Personal phone app basic settings
Meetio Personal favorite rooms

Step 3: Basic settings

Now it’s time for some basic settings!

Location Access
Enables you to see the meeting rooms in the building you’re in right now and shows you the closest available rooms.

Contact Permissions
Enables you to invite colleagues and other contacts to your meetings.

Send Notifications
Enables notifications about your meetings. Receive notifications when your meeting is about to end and allows you to extend the meeting.

Step 4: Pick your favorites

Mark your favorite rooms by clicking the star next to them. You can either mark whole groups of rooms, or select separate ones.

Psst.. Make sure you have created room lists in outlook before you do this. Otherwise there will be no rooms to show in the app. Check out our guide here!

Meetio Personal phone app calendar view
Meetio Personal phone app new meeting

Step 5: View your agenda

When you’re done with the settings in the previous steps, you’ll see your personal calendar. View your meetings for the day and the upcoming days.

Step 6: Book a meeting

Time to schedule a meeting! Pick a room if it’s needed for the meeting, invite your colleagues and write a short meeting agenda. Way to go!

Meetio – the Outlook add-in

In the Meetio Personal suite you’ll get a room finding plugin for Outlook that makes it really easy to find available meeting rooms. See their seating capacity and resources, such as displays, projectors, whiteboard etc. You can use the Meetio add-in both for Outlook web app and desktop. Let’s go!

Meetio Personal Outlook add-in

Step 1: Open the add-in

When it’s time to schedule a meeting, compose a new event in your Outlook calendar. At the top amongst your add-ins, click on the Meetio logo (it can take a while to load, but don’t worry, it’s only the first time). Set your language preferences in the top-right corner. Off you go to step 2!

Meetio Personal add-in room list
Meetio Personal add-in filter on capacity and equipment

Step 2: Find a room

Room lists
There are plenty of ways to find available rooms for your meeting. One of them is by filtering available rooms in a room list.

Capacity & room equipment
You can also filter rooms on their seating capacity and available equipment in the rooms, e.g. projector, video conferencing etc.

Meetio Personal add-in matching rooms

Step 3: Book a room

When you’ve found a suitable room, hit the “Select” button and send the invite once you’re done.

Voilà! Now you are all set and good to go!