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Can employees benefit from a meeting room management system?

27 August, 2021

As the saying goes: “No man is an island”. The same can be said about the workplace—to find the best solution for any business challenges, employee collaboration is needed. 

Meetings are the most common ways to collaborate, even if some think that meetings are hell on earth. However, one survey found that 86% of respondents believed meetings are important to achieving results, and that says something!

In the course of setting a meeting, there are always the administrative challenges of reserving the venue. Luckily, room management booking systems have appeared on the scene. They can greatly streamline this often frustrating and error-prone process, especially in heavily trafficked offices with limited conference rooms.

How a room management booking system helps make your employees’ work simpler

Workers already have a lot on their plate and booking a meeting room is yet another tedious task they must contend with. That’s why having a meeting room management system can add a lot of value to any organization.

Here are just some of the ways it can benefit your employees:

  • Employee empowerment

Why should employees always have to check with the receptionist or office manager if a given room is available? Most meeting room reservation systems are self-service solutions that allow anyone to book a room as long as it’s free. Since all bookings are logged into a centralized database that anyone can access, double bookings will become a thing of the past.

  • Multiple ways to book

Different people have different ways of doing things—and that’s perfectly fine! For instance, younger and more-tech savvy staff may prefer to reserve venues using a room manager app on their smartphone. While more tenured employees might prefer to book a room through their Outlook inbox instead. A good meeting room management tool can easily accommodate different work styles without hassle.

  • Improve productivity

When booking a room takes only a few taps or clicks, employees can focus more on preparing for the meeting rather than reserving a venue. Moreover, they can easily add attendees to a booked meeting room. These attendees are then automatically sent a notification or email. With this setup, workers can use more of their time for the tasks that truly matter.

  • Optimize use of space

Of course, it’s not just your rank-and-file employees who benefit from a conference room scheduling system, but your operational staff, too. With such a tool, they can make data-driven decisions about how best to use the company’s meeting venues. If demand outstrips supply, for example, they can designate more areas as meeting spaces. Should the opposite be true, they can convert an underutilized meeting room into desk space instead.


Meetings will always be a fact of life in the office. After all, many of the greatest and most innovative ideas are borne from the gathering of diverse people with unique ideas. So, with the help of a meeting room booker such as Meetio, you can make collaboration in the workplace as stress-free as possible.

Read more about our meeting room management system below! 

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