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How to Properly Manage Hot Desking

24 November, 2020

Creating a collaborative and inclusive environment while on a budget? No problem! Hot desking is a popular way to do both in today’s modern offices, but it requires a special type of space management.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses face a new reality where employees want to work both from home and from the office. This creates a situation where a lot of desks will be unused as the office seldomly will be full. The days of the private office and personal workstation are now over as companies embrace hot desking. 

But why waste all that space? There are many advantages to hot desking, as well as a few cons, but the key is how you manage everything. Learn all about this exciting new office trend.

What is Hot Desking?

If you look around your office and see vacant desks, then you can implement hot desking. Instead of having a personal workspace, people come and choose the desk they sit at. It could be close to their team members or it could be far away. It depends on which spaces are available and which desks they want or need for the day.

It saves the business money because you’re making the most of less space. If people work from home three days a week, then instead of having empty desks, they can be used by others.

The setup also allows for people from different areas of the business to meet and interact. Who knows what types of new collaborations and ideas could be created with the meeting of these minds?

Pros and Cons of Hot Desking

Hot desking has many pros, from the ability to save money to adjusting to flexible work schedules. If your business isn’t 9 to 5, then hot desking can be a great way to take advantage of the different work schedules.

One of the biggest cons to the practice tends to surface when employees start to think of certain workstations as their “best desks.” It’s always possible that one desk has an extra comfortable chair or another is nearest to the bathroom or vending machines. If the same people keep getting these desks, then it could lead to jealousy and other problems in the office.

Managing Your Hot Desks

The key to having a happy hot desk environment is how it’s managed. Meetio Desk is perfect for organizing hot desking protocols.

With this system in place, employees don’t have to choose where to sit when they get to work. It lets them reserve their spots before they leave home.

By default, Meetio Desk lets you claim a desk by scanning a QR code. With the optional digital pucks, however, you can easily tell if the desk is free, occupied, or reserved. If it’s vacant, tap the puck twice and the desk is yours. Tap it once again to let it go. It’s as easy as that.

There is also a map add-on that lets you see the entire office and the available desks. Meetio levels the playing field and makes “the best desk” predicament a thing of the past.

Meetio Makes Hot Desking Simple

If you don’t want employees developing conflicts and fighting over their favorite desks, then you need to manage hot desking properly. Done right, hot desking can be a great way to get employees to start collaborating while saving your business some money.

Let Meetio's smart workplace solutions be your partner in the process.

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